Attention, Citizens of St. Augustine' - Warning to Citizens about Confidence Men, 1922

Attention, Citizens of St. Augustine' - Warning to Citizens about Confidence Men, 1922


Post-Office Department

Office of Inspector

New York, N.Y.

Penality for Private Use


Official Business

Attention, Citizens of St. Augustine

Do you want confidence men again this winter to swindle tourists - who help to make your city what it is - out of hundreds of thousands of dolalrs, as they ahve been doing for years in an amazingly bold manner?

If not, will you help your city and county officials to keep out of the city the following named confidence men whose identity can be ascertained as they have been coming to St. Augustine for years and must be well known to your local gamblers and crooks?

Every hotel should post this list.


Allen, E.R.

Armstrong, James O.

Atwood, A.H.

Barnett, Elmo

Beardsley, Geo. P.

Belcher, Geo.

Belmont, Dan

Bernstein, Max J.

Bonner, M.J.

Boose, G.B.

Bouma, G.F.

Bowman, Chas. C.

Bowers, W. T.

Breen Chas. e.

Brew, W. A.

Brick, Geo.

Brooks, A.W.

Brooks, Ray L.

Brown, A.F.

Bull, John

Burk, W. H.

Callahan, T.W.

Candore, Phil

Carbone, John

Carson, A.C.

Casey, W.A.

Christian, J.R.

Cohen, Max

Clark, J.C.

Corbally, John

Cummins, L.A.

Cunniff, John A., alias J.J. Wood

Dawson, E.

Dean, F.W.

Denham, A.

Delphond, Theophile

Doyle, W.F.

Dubey, chas. H.

Eardley, James

Earp, Wm.

Ellis, C.H.

Falotico, Geo.

Farrell, J.P.

Felix, Leon

Ferguson, Warren J.

Finnerty, John

Fitzgerald, J.D.

Flashlan, Thos.

Frick, David B.

Gallagher, W.R.

Garu, S.P.

Gavin, Walter P.

Grant, Richard

Hamilton, Harry R.

Hamlin, W.W.

Hobart, geo.

Hoffman, Al

Hogan, C.T.

Holcombe, E.R.

Horton, R.C.

Hughes, Al

Hunter, l.A.

Hutton, Joe

Irving, J.F.

Irwin, Geo. W.

James, J.G.

Jarvis, W.B.

Jergins, A.T.

Kaplan, H.A.

keating, Joe

Keenan, Wm.

King,. Emory S.

Kirby, W.S.

Kolb, Harry A.

Knowles, J.J.

Lee, H.A.

lehman, Henry

Levenson, Harry

Lewis, Edward F.

Lewis, John

Lewis, Chappie

Loftus, W.H., alias { Wm. H. Lucas, W.H. Lewis

Longergan, J.

Lucas, W.H.

Llewellyn, David J., alias David Lloyd

Lytell, Sam M.

Madden, C.F.

Markey,  James S.

Marks, Harry

Martin, W.J.

Mayer, A., alias H.a. Kolb


McLaughlin, harry

McBride, D.C.

McElroy, R.M.

McPherson, E.S.

McSherry, John

Mead, W. Elmer

Mulloy, Alfred

Murr, A.c.

Nellesen, J.B.

Newman, Paul

Nugent, Pete

Obrien, Jos. A.

Obrien, Lewis V.

Obryne, E.

O'Neill, David

Parsons, Edward P.

Patterson, E.H.

Paul, F.C.

Pearl, Geo. H.

Phillips, Louis B.

Pine, Chas. J.

Powell, C.W.

Pullard, W.E.

Pryer, C.D.

Quimby, W.E.

Quirk, J.F.

reif, J.G.

Reilly, W.F.

Rial, Lee

Roche, J.

Sachs, H.N.

Sadler, Ralph S.

Scarborough, J.F., alias J.L. Fuller

Scott, E.R.

Sharum, Jeff

Shaw, Wm. A.

Silva, Wm. F.

Smith, Chas. L.

Snider, Wm.

Stanley, R., alias R. F. Starratt

St. Clair, H.

Stetson, Jack K.

Stivers, Geo. W.

Stone, James H.

Stone, W.

Stosnider, James H.

Stone, W.

Strosnider, John

Taylor, E.F.

Tillery, Mark

Tobin, Larry J.

Turpin, Frank B.

Upshaw, J.

Watson, C.

Wheeler, C.S.

White, Harry

Wilson, J.J.

Wichester, E.F. (Winchester)

Wilson, R.L.

Woodward, E.C.

Wyatt, Frank P.

The undersigned desires information, which will be treated as confidential, if desired, as to the movements and associations in St. Augustine of the above-named, or othe, confidence men and crooked gamblers.

Photographs of above can be seen by conferring with the postmaster.


Jacksonville, Florida.

New York, New York.

December 9, 1922.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0314


A proclamation issued by the Post-Office Inspector in Jacksonville warning citizens of St. Augustine about the dangers of confidence men in their city. Approximately 150 names of suspected confidence men are listed and information on their whereabouts and activities is requested.