Atlantic Coast Line Vestibuled Train to Florida, 1887

Atlantic Coast Line Vestibuled Train to Florida, 1887


TO meet the demans of the increasing tourist and pleasure seeking travel to Florida, and to keep pace with the luxurious hotels provided for their comfort, arrangments have been perfected for the running of Pullman vestibule trains between New York and Florida, beginning about January 1st, 1888.

These trains are so connected by means of vestibules that they constitute one continuous car, rendered flexible at the points of connection by means of folded rubber diaphragms. Through this ingenious device the entire train is made to form a series of apartments, so that the traveler may pass from one end of it to the other, precisely as he passes from one room to another in his own house. These vestibules are formed by enclosing the platform- they are as elegantly finished as any part of the car- carpeted so as to entirely conceal the points of connection between the joined cars, and illumunated by means of electric lights depending from the ceilings, whose rays fall throguh cut glass-paneled doors full upon the steps.

Many of the advantages of the vestibule train are obvious. It relieves the traveler, in passing from one part of the train to anoter, from the annoyance of the whirlwind on the platform, caused by the rapid motion of the train, as also from the cold of the open air in the winter, from the dust in summer, and from the storms at all seasons. It forms an easy connection with the dining-room, the smoking-room, the library. T

Trains of these cars, composed exclusively of drawing-room cars, contianing library, reading, smoking-rooms and buffet, dining cars in which meals will be served en route, and sleeping-cars, fitted with all the comforts, convenients and luxiries, are now being built by the Pullman Palace Car Company for this service, which will undoubtedly form the finest railway trains in the world. Exteriorly they will present the appearance of a block of artisitcally finished houses, while interiorly they will rival both in beauty and decoartion, and in varied living conveniences, an elaborately finished and richly appointed city mansion. The schedule for these trains will be so arranged as to leave New York after breakfast, about 9:30, and reach Florida the following day in time for dinner, being but one night on the road.


State Library Of Florida: Ephemera Collection, Transportation


Pamphlet for the luxury vestibuled train cars to begin on the Atlantic Coast Line in 1888. Includes illustrations of the interiors of several cars. Pamphlet has a cropped corner, but loses no information.