Fort Clinch State Park Opening, November 16, 1940 - program

Fort Clinch State Park Opening, November 16, 1940 - program



Fort Clinch State Park


November 16, 1940


Presiding, Mrs. Linwood Jeffreys

Secretarty, Florida Board of Forestry

11:00 Address of Welcome    Mayor P. E. Stapleton

11:05 Response    A. G. McArthur President, Florida Board of Forestry

11:10 Establishment of Fort Clinch State Park, Senator Dan Kelly, Jr.

11:15 The Development of Fort Clinch State Park, M. B. Greene, Project Superintendent

11:20 Fort Clinch State Park A Recreation Center, Hon. Thomas Shave, Jr.

11:25 The Flags That Have Flown Over Amelia Island, W. N. Galphin

11:30 The History of Fort Clinch and Amelia Island, T. Frederick Davis

11:35 Civilian Conservation Corps Participation, Director J. J. McEntee

11:40 Fort Clinch State Park and Its Relation to the State Park System, H. J. Malsberger, State Forester and Park Executive

11:45 National Park Service Participation, H. K. Roberts, Assistant Regional Director

11:50 Introduction of Guests

12:00 Raising of the Flag Formal Dedication of State Park, Mrs. Linwood Jeffreys, A. G. McArthur

Florida Forest and Park Service



State Library Of Florida: Ephemera Collection, State Parks And Monuments - Fort Clinch


Program outlining the events of the formal opening of Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina on November 16, 1940 as well as a breif history.