Historical Sketch of Hernando County

Historical Sketch of Hernando County


Mrs. Sarah Leaming
Historical Records Survey
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By an act approved by the Legislative Council on February 24, 1843, Hernando County was created from a section of Alachua County. It was bounded on the north by Alachua, on the east by Mosquito County (see footnote), on the south by Hillsborough County and on the west by the Gulf of Mexico, embracing what now comprises Pasco, Hernando and Citrus Counties.
The name "Hernando" was given this county in honor of Hernando De Soto, a Spanish nobleman, conqueror and explorer, who landed in Tampa Bay and marched through this territory in July, 1839.
Upon the passage of an act in 1842 which gave every desirable settler a section of land below the Withlacoochee River as an inducement to bring people into the state, there came pioneers with their wives and children. To their courage and hardihood is Hernando County indebted for its development and progress. Among the first newcomers were Col. Byrd Pearson, Mrs. J. S. Brunner and Captain Bradley.
The first settlement in this county was in 1843 at Old De Soto, located one and a half [miles] northeast of the present site of Brooksville, on Gorden Lake, and named for Hernando De Soto, as was the county. Several families lived in this settlement built
Footnote: Mosquito changed to Orange, Jan. 30, 1845.
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Brief history of Hernando County, Florida collected by the Works Progress Administration's Historical Records Survey.

Note to Researchers: Though the WPA field workers included extensive citations for the factual information contained in these county histories, it should be noted that these historical narratives were produced in the 1930s by federal government employees, and might reflect the inherent social biases of the era.