Dixie County Historical Records Survey

Dixie County Historical Records Survey


April 7, 1937
On April 25, 1921, Dixie County was created from the southern part of Lafayette County. (Chap. 8514, Acts 1921) In swift review we note the evolution of this county under many names, each succeeding name encompassed by diminished boundaries, since Spain ceded the Floridas to the United States on February 22, 1821. (pp. 28, 29, 30, Compiled General Laws of Florida 1927)
During the ensuing one hundred years, the area now known as Dixie County, was included, in orderly succession, as a part of the following political divisions: Province of West Florida, received from Spain by formal ceremony and proclamation of Major General Andrew Jackson, Commissioner of the United States, on July 17, 1821 (p. 3, Com. Gen. Laws of Florida 1927);
Escambia County, created from West Florida on July 21, 1821 by Major General Andrew Jackson, Governor of the Provinces of Florida (p. 28, Com. Gen. Laws of Florida 1927);
Jackson County, divided from Escambia County by Territorial Act approved August 12, 1822 (p. 28, Com. Gen. Laws of Florida 1927);
Gadsden County, divided from Jackson County, by Act approved June 24, 1823 (p. 29, Com. Gen. Laws of Florida 1927);
Leon County, divided from Gadsden County by an Act approved December 29, 1824 (p. 260, Acts of 1824; p. 29, Com. Gen. Laws of Florida 1927);
Madison County, divided from Leon County, by an Act approved December 26, 1827 (p. 8, Acts 1827; p. 29, Com. Gen. Laws of Florida 1927);
Lafayette County, divided from Madison County, by an Act approved December 23, 1856 (Laws, Chap. 806; p. 30, Com. Gen. Laws of Florida 1927).
Though the line of Mason and Dixon is a vanished legend, yet to every true American, the name of “Dixie” evokes sacred emotions. This name was aptly chosen for a county where the indescribable atmosphere of “Dixie Land” will ever linger. In an unusual and mysterious setting, midst numerous reminders of a day gone by, one sees present-day progress and rich promise of an opulent future.
Dixie County is bounded on the north by Lafayette County, on the east by Gilchrist and Levy Counties, on the south by Levy County and the Gulf of Mexico, on the west by the Gulf of Mexico and Taylor County. The border lines as Nature has outlined them on the east, south and west, have not been altered since the days of West Florida. The changes have affected only the size and shape of the northern areas. (Chap. 8514, Acts 1921)


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Brief history of Dixie County, Florida collected by the Works Progress Administration's Historical Records Survey.

Note to Researchers: Though the WPA field workers included extensive citations for the factual information contained in these county histories, it should be noted that these historical narratives were produced in the 1930s by federal government employees, and might reflect the inherent social biases of the era.