Brief Historical Sketch of Broward County

Brief Historical Sketch of Broward County


The rising interest among the local citizens of Ft. Lauderdale and of the adjacent communities in favor of a new political unit to be organized embracing the area of the existing counties which they represented resulted, in 1915, in the creating of Broward County. The citizens who lived in this section prior to the organization of the new county were obliged to go either to Palm Beach on the North or to Miami on the South, to transact business relative to the interests which centered in their county relationships. This was an inconvenience and often an embarrassmnet because of the amount of time required and the distance that must be travelled in order to consummate the business in hand. The rising interest in the importance of Ft. Lauderdale as a possible county seat of a new county encouraged the people of this area to undertake the project of the organization of such a county.
A similar effort had been made in the year 1913. An Act had been drawn and passed by the State Legislature. Provision was made in that Act for a 


State Library of Florida, WPA - Historical Records Survey, County Histories


Brief history of Broward County, Florida collected by the Works Progress Administration's Historical Records Survey.

Note to Researchers: Though the WPA field workers included extensive citations for the factual information contained in these county histories, it should be noted that these historical narratives were produced in the 1930s by federal government employees, and might reflect the inherent social biases of the era.