Letter, Harmon W. Shields to Earl Watkins regarding oyster canning - June 3, 1965

Letter, Harmon W. Shields to Earl Watkins regarding oyster canning - June 3, 1965


June 3, 1965
Mr. Earl Watkins
City Manager
Eau Gallie, Florida

Dear Earl, It was a pleasure seeing you again this week. It bring back fond memories of the Panama City days. Also I am impressed with the growth development, cleanliness, and management of your city of Eau Gallie.

With reference to our discussion, Clyde Kitchell is prodeeding [proceeding] with plans to expand his present business into the canning of fresh oysters by using new sanitation methods developed by the Florida Board of Conservation Research Division. We are to meet with the County Commission of Brevard County next Thursday morning to discuss this operation with them and ask for assistance with the county health people, and I again am asking you to help guide Clyde with his zoning problem in Eau Gallie. I feel sure that this problem can be worked out and the ultimate result will be a terrific growth in this fishery, boosting the economy of your city as well as the state of Florida.

Mr. Bob Ingle and myself will be in touch with you from time to time as progress is made. We hope to have this commercial size experiment in operation by the fall of this year. We appreciate your interest and efforts and if there is any way; this Department can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call upon us.

Sincerely yours,

Harmon Shields
Director of Marketing

Cc: Mr. Bob Ingle, Mr. Clyde Kitchell


State Archives of Florida: Series S1159, Box 01, Folder 6


Written by Harmon W. Shields, Director of marketing for the Florida Board of Conservation to Earl Watkins, city manager of Eau Gallie, Florida in Brevard County. Shields refers to the efforts of a man named Clyde Kitchell to establish an oyster cannery in Eau Gallie, and asks Watkins to do what he can to help with any potential zoning issues. Shields justifies this action by linking the oyster cannery with an economic boost for Eau Gallie and the state.