Recipe for Squirrel and Gravy

Recipe for Squirrel and Gravy


Squirrel and Gravy
To dress the squirrel, rip the hide down the inside of the hind leg. Peel hide over the head, saving the head as that is the best, or tastiest part of the squirrel. While on the head, remove the eyes and ears. Slit the squirrel's belly and remove the entrails.
Remove the head and the legs, cut back bone in two pieces. Soak in salt water preferably over night.

Jem J Hamm
1437 Main St
Vincennes Ind


State Archives of Florida: Collection N2009-3, Box 139, Folder 12


Recipe for Squirrel and Gravy, given to Koreshan Unity leader Hedwig Michel by Ben Hamm of Vincennes, Indiana. This was likely a submission for the cookbook Michel was compiling in the mid 1970s. The recipe includes instructions for dressing and cleaning the squirrel prior to cooking.


ca. 1975


Hamm, Ben




Modern Florida (1950-1990)