Ticket to Koresh Speaks at Kimball Hall, circa 1903

Ticket to Koresh Speaks at Kimball Hall, circa 1903



Holds services at Kimball Hall, under the auspices of the Ecclesia Triumphant of the Koreshan Unity, until further notice. Entrance 243 Wabash Avenue, just south of Jackson Boulevard. After the address of about 45 minutes, opportunity is given for comments, criticisms, and questions. Persons present, whether favorably or unfavorably disposed, may embrace a period fo about five minutes for comments upon the subjects exposited in Koreshan Universology. About thirty minutes or more will be occuptied by the commentators, then a brief summary by KORESH will follow.


Structure and function of the physical universe. Origin and destiny of man. Evolution and involution as co-ordinate factors of being and existence.

What and where is God? Distinction between God (Elohim_ and Lord (Jehovah). What and where is the soul, and what its functions?

Is there a science involved in the processes of mental or spiritual healing, "faith cure," "divine healing," "suggestion," "hypnotism?" etc.

Capital and Labor. The trusts and unionism. Has the Government rights which anarchistic-unionism is bound to respect?

Will socialism prevail, succeeding the rpesent forms of government, and what will be the character of social order in the future?

When does the Christian system end and the new dispensation begin? Will the present forms of church and state be overthrown in the progress of human development? Will another church mark the progress of the coming age?

The purpose and significance of genuine religion. Religion as the bond of unity between God and man. The church fo each age contains the matrix (womb) of the gestation of each succeeding age, and conforms in function to the character of the fruit to be generated in each distinctive dispensation.

"Christian science;" what is it? The "New Thought;" what is it? The brain and body, with cerebral and phsyiological functions, the basis of all spiritual healing.

The distinction of spirit and matter, and why one cannot exist, without the other. The differentation of pneuma, psyche, and soma- or spirit, soul, and body, and why the three constitute the man.

The attainment of immortality in the body. The fruition of human development in the attainment of immortal life. Thousands now exist in the body who will not pass through the ordinary corruptible dissolution called death.

This corruptible shall be incorruptible; this mortal shall become immortal- not in some other world, but here and now. By what processes shall immortality be attained? The soluytion of the problem of life is in the applied science of immortality.

The cosmogonic structure is cellular and limited. The universe has its limitations; so has the Creator.

God the Creator has both volutnary and involuntary functions. Fallacy and evil are the product of God's involuntary powers. Truth and fallacy, and good and evil, are eternal antithetical co-ordinates; neither could exist without the ohter.

How did the unvierse originate? And who made God?

Is the atom destructible as an atom? and what is it after it is destroyed? Geometrical science proves the limitation of the universe. What is matter? What is energy?

Does the Catholic church aim to recover its temporal supremacy? and will it succeed?

The above, with many other subjects and questions, will be discussed in the Science of Koreshan Universology. All meetings will be conducted with the most rigid order, and ladies and gentlemen may attend with the assurance of courteous consideration. Victoria Gratia (Annie G. Ordway), Pre-Eminent of the Koreshan Unity, presides at these meetings; when not present, some officer of the K.U. will officiate.


State Archives of Florida: Collection N2009-3, Box 319, Folder 17


Subjects to be discussed include the structure and function of the physical universe, what and where is God, how the universe originated, and others. On the back is a list of literature offered about Koreshanity.