"The Corner House" brochure

"The Corner House" brochure


Fast becoming known as the "Corner House" is the restoration of the Fabregas homestead at 1529 Von Phister Street in Key West, and destined to join the ranks of the other popular island restored homes. This restoration is taking place under the caring supervision of a grandson, Danny Boza, who was born there, as was this writer.
His grandmother, Regla Manrique, born on the island of Cuba, was affectionately referred to as the "Islenia", a nickname particular to Spanish ancestry. Her family encountered all the pioneering hardships of country living at that time, including the tragic death of her twin sister at eighteen years of age.


State Archives of Florida: Series 1592, Box 01, Folder 4


Brochure promoting the history and accommodations of Key West's "Corner House."