"Notice!" Typhoid Fever vaccination poster

"Notice!" Typhoid Fever vaccination poster



The possibility of typhoid fever from our infected water supply is very apparent. The public is requested to report to the various stations for typhoid vaccination against this disease. It is also urgently requested that all water be boiled before using for drinking purposes. The various stations are listed as follows:

Allapattah School House, N. W. 17th Ave. at 36th St.
Silver Bluff Fire Station, S. W. 22nd Ave. one block South of Tigertail Road
Coconut Grove Fire Station, Coconut Grove
Little River Fire Station, West Dixie Highway at 79th St.
Jackson Memorial Hospital, N. W. 10th Ave. at 17th St.
Orange Glade School House, S. W. 8th St. at 27th Ave.
Lemon City High School, N. W. 2nd Ave. and 62nd St.

These stations are equipped to give vaccine and first aid to all those in the immediate vicinity and if the public will direct them to go to such stations and make a careful report of all injured, it will materially assist in bringing about a quick result.

J. W. SNYDER, Medical Director


State Archives of Florida: Series S908, Box 01, Folder 23


Poster alerting the public to typhoid fever outbreak; also encourages people to boil drinking water and lists various temporary vaccination stations.