Advertisement for Keystone Heights by the local Chamber of Commerce

Advertisement for Keystone Heights by the local Chamber of Commerce




The Popular Beach Pavilion

Recreational facilities include a beach and a pabilion with excellent pic-nicking grove; a well lighted play ground and a tennis court softball diamon, and basketball court; and an outdoor movie. Gold Head Branch Park, one of the states largest parks is located 6 miles from Keystone Heights.

Keystone Heights has a Rotary Club, Lions Club, P.T.A., Volunteer Fire Department, Woman's Club, and a Boy Scout Troop. The University of Florida, at Gainesville just 25 miles away at the South's largest University, offers the best in higher education, and cultural and athletic entertainment.

Clay Electric Co-operative Serves REA District

Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc., pictured above, serves 10,000 Rural Electrification consumers in eleven Florida counties. It has continued to expand and grow ever since its establishment in the 1930s, at which time it served only a few hundred customers. It is an important factor in the growth of Keystone Heights, since it now employs 81 persons and has a monthly payroll of $23,000. REA has performed wonders in brining electricity to the farm and rural communities. making it possible for people living in these areas to enjoy the same modern conveniences and electrical applainces as are used in the cities.

Woman's Club (left) and Community Church

Keystone Heights is an intelligtently planne and well kept Christian community, with an air of tranquility and well being unspoiled by dreams of commercialization. It is located at the crest of the Florida Ridge on Beautiful Lake Geneva. The Ridge is formed by a rolling and well wooded terrain rising gently from the Atlantic Ocea and on the East and the Gulf of Mexico on the West, and reaching in height of over 200 feet in the Keystone heights area. It lies mid-way between Jacksonville and Ocala at the intersection of State Highways 21 and 100. Other nearby cities include Starke, Gainesville, Palatka, Green Cove Springs, St. Augustine, and Daytona Beach.

There are more tha 60 spring fed, sand bottom lakes within 15 miles of Keystone Heights. The combining influence of lakes, elevation, the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, give Keystone Heights a moderate and dependable year round cliamte and make it attractive to Northerners in the winter and Southerners in the summer. Here one finds 340 frost-free days each year and flowers in bloom the year round. Summer days and nights are comfortbale.

The invigorating air is free from depressing humidity, dust, and smoke. The dry atmosphere helps those who suffer from respiratiory and rheumatic difficulties. There are no unpleasant odors caused by teh rise and fall of tides. A rolling terrin and a sandy soil, afford excellent drainage and with many natural springs, keep the lakes and streams clean and pure. Here, too, one finds good, healthy, palatable, soft drinking water.

Keystone Heights has a resident physician. It has a modern shopping center where one finds a bank, drug store, super markets, variety, clothing, appliance and hardware store, restaurants, barber and beauty shops, launderette, service stations, supply houses, plumbing shops, and capable contractors and builders.

Here too one finds adequate parking space and freedom from the tension of over crowding and traffice delays. Keystone Heights is incorporated. It has no bonded indebtedness. Florida ha no income tax and $5,000 of assessed valuation of homesteads is tax exempt. The Community is served by the Clay Electric Co-Operative, Inc. Keystone Water Works Inc., Western Union Telegraph Co., Greyhound Bus Lines, Southern Railway, and Railway Express. It has a volunteer Fire Department and a small but adequate D.P.W. which keeps the community clean and neat. Keystone Heights has a grade school and high school students are transported to nearby high schools.

This could be a typical catch in any of the fine lakes within a few minutes drive of Keystone Heights.

Lovely Scene In A Private Garden

You will find a pleasing climate in Keystone Heights, and interesting things to do, and you can live in natural surroundings at reasonable cost.

Keystone Heights serves an area with an estimated population of 5,000. Approximately 20% are retired. Others find employment with Humphrey Gold Corp. (which mines minerals). The duPont Co., Clay Electric Corp., Keystone Sand Co., Green Cove Naval Base, Hudson Paper Co., University of Florida, and local business houses. The area produces poultry, cattle, lumber, pulp wood, and nursery stock.

Spacious City Park and Playground

Outdoor recreational activities include fishing, hunting, water skiing, boating and bathing. Lake Geneva and other nearby lakes and streams are excellent for fishing. They are well stocked with bass and break and rarely is there a disappointed quest.

Keystone Heights has a Community Church, a Baptist Church and Catholic services are held in the Women's Club. A friendly welcome is extended to all who visit them.

Baptist Church

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