Wakulla Springs Promotional Comedy

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  • ca. 1940

Video Details

  • 2:14; color; silent; V-259; BA436a


  • This film appears to show the making of a short promotional comedy for Wakulla Springs. The film begins with shots of a motion picture cameraman along with two young men in bathing suits on one of the Wakulla Springs swimming platforms with swimmers on the beach behind them. The cameraman switches lenses and begins filming a comical fisherman in a small row boat. The fisherman reels in a fish and takes a drink from a beer or whiskey bottle. The cameraman appears onscreen again before the film cuts back to the fisherman, who is frustrated after reeling in a banana. The film cuts to a group of young men and women having an underwater picnic, complete with picnic basket, blanket, umbrella and campfire. One young man chops firewood. The film cuts to the fisherman, who turns in his boat to see smoke coming from the top of the water. Frightened, the fisherman quickly rows away. The film ends with title cards that read “Good-bye – see you in Florida” and “When in Florida don’t forget to go to Wakulla Springs and see ‘HENRY’ the famous pole vaulting fish.”

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