Wakulla River and Wakulla Springs Scuba Diving

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  • 1973

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  • 10:51; color; silent; V-258; DA148


  • This film shows two men motoring down the Wakulla River, towing a camera person in a smaller boat. Footage shows wildlife along the river, including anhingas, limpkins, egrets, alligators and turtles. A giant hornet nest hangs high up in a tree. Underwater footage in the shallow areas of the river includes a shot of a turtle as it dives into the water to make its escape.

    The men in the boats make their way down to a fence that Ed Ball erected to block access up river to Wakulla Springs. A man near County Road 365, next to a bridge and boat ramp, points out trash and debris left behind in the area. Next, the film moves to scuba diving scenes at the cavern entrance to the springs. Divers with lights descend and enter the cavern. Once inside, they measure a mastodon bone. The footage shows them swimming near underwater pipes. An overhead shot shows a glass bottom boat filled with tourists snapping pictures of the divers. Various fish, including largemouth bass, Florida gar, mullet and American eel, swim through the water.

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