This Good Land We Love!
The Story of Wildlife Conservation and the Edward Ball Wildlife Foundation

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  • ca. 1972

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  • 28:00; color; sound; V-257; EA051


  • Edward Ball was the longtime associate and brother-in-law of financier Alfred I. Dupont. He became trustee and manager of the Dupont Estates as well as leader of the St. Joe Paper Corporation in North Florida. This narrated film includes color footage and descriptions of four Florida wildlife sanctuaries created by the Edward Ball Wildlife Foundation.

    The film begins with a reading of Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees” over scenes of wildlife, including geese and other birds, followed by shots of Edward Ball strolling through a wooded area. The narrator describes Ball’s belief in the importance of preserving endangered animal and plant species as well as his admiration for Teddy Roosevelt and forester, politician and conservationist Gifford Pinchot.

    The film continues with visits to each wildlife sanctuary, including the University of West Florida near Pensacola, Wakulla Springs near St. Marks, the Box R Ranch near Apalachicola and Southwood Farms near Tallahassee. Students and school groups enjoy nature at UWF, where a tour for the visually impaired takes place. The Wakulla Springs segment includes exterior shots of the Wakulla Springs Lodge and wildlife boat tours. Wild geese and deer figure prominently throughout the film, which also includes scenes of limpkins, egrets, ducks, raccoons and alligators foraging for food. An alligator catches and eats a duck.

    Most scenes are backed by lush music while the narrator describes the feeding habits of animals and the work of foundation employees. Throughout the film, the narrator reiterates Edward Ball’s belief that pristine lands, wildlife species and the “natural wonders of the world” must be preserved for the understanding and enjoyment of future generations. The film concludes with quotes about man’s place in nature and a quote from the book of Revelations: “Hurt not the Earth.” This film was produced by John Appleyard Agency Inc.


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