More's Bluff - Precinct No. 1 (Madison County)

Name index of election return for More's Bluff - Precinct No. 1 in Madison County


Sistrunk, David
Hall, Daniel
Townsend, Benj. S.


Davis, L. B.


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Poucher, John
Edwards, James
Snyder, A. J.
Carver, Elijah
Osteen, James
Byrd, J. M.
Bowen, W. H.
Fuquay, R.
Woodward, R.
Edwards, M. G.
Gibson, J. I.
Sistrunk, Wm.
Green, Thos.
Walker, James
Locklier, Wlijah
Locklier, Wm.
Townsend, Benj.
Westcott, John
Sistrunk, D.
Hall, David
David, L. B.
Hartridge, T.
Brownlow, D.


official certificate; roster also used as militia roll