Fort Gadsden - House of George Meglohon (Franklin County)

Name index of election return for Fort Gadsden - House of George Meglohon in Franklin County


Robinson, William
Meglohon, George


Hull, John H.


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Bailey, James
Williams, Thomas
Kain, Patrick C.
Williams, John H.
Rose, James H.
Long, John
Williams, George
Kennedy, George W.
Christman, A. B.
Crosby, William
Beeby, J.
Swanson, George W.
Elleby, B.
Schiffer, Jacob
Devon, William
Elleby, Ingo
Robinson, William
Meglohon, George
Davis, James
Davis, Wm. G. M.
Floyd, Robert J.


Official contract; Thomas Williams' vote challenged sworn and received; George H. Kennedy's challenged sworn and received