Micanopy (Alachua County)

Name index of election return for Micanopy in Alachua County


Smith, J. B.
Livingston, John
Stoughton, R. S.


Prevatt, Elisha R.


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Morgan, W. G.
Turner, Jas.
Prevatt, Seth S.
Merry, Horace
Noyes, A. E.
Mills, Wm. R.
Stoughton, R. S.
Prevatt, E. R.
Smith, J. B.
Livingston, John S.
Ratcliff, Benjamin
Wilson, Daniel
Ault, R. H.
McCarty, S.
Garner, Jas.
Rowe, Coleman
Mills, Benjanmin
Lanier, John
Pace, Jas.
Cronk, H.
Young, John D.
Denilson, Edward
Filly, Harlin
Sweeny, Henry
Turner, W. J.
Harn, Benjamin
Gillett, David
Misell, David
Bush, James
Miller, James
Merry, C. W.
Collins, Enoch
Delk, W. S.
Bennett, Charles


Official certificate ; A. E. Noyes' vote challenged and sworn; James Bush's vote challenged and sworn