Large Combo Reel

Video has not been digitized and is not available for online viewing.


  • 1940s-1960s

Video Details

  • 34:59; color; silent; V-255


  • This silent film consists of a variety of home movies. Scenes include parades featuring floats from the Leesburg Chamber of Commerce and Silver Springs, Shriner clowns with the Shriner clown car and an African-American marching band with majorettes. There are a number of family related scenes, including: a family posing for a photo; a family birthday party with a western style "gunslinger;" families picking peaches; children doing the Hokey Pokey; a family picnic; a little boy riding a goat pulled cart; boating and fishing; children with a pony and pony cart; beach scenes; Cypress Gardens; children dancing, and swimming and water play. Many of the scenes appear to feature the same family.

Corporate Subject

Geographic Subject