The Patriot Constitution of 1812

In March 1812, a group of Georgia settlers known as the Patriot Army invaded Spanish East Florida with de facto support from the United States Government. They had hoped to convince the Spanish colonists to join them and declare Florida’s independence from Spain. The attempt ultimately failed, but during the Patriot Army’s temporary control of Fernandina, the group’s leaders drew up this constitution and formed a government for what they called the Republic of East Florida.

The Patriot Constitution of 1812


powers of the other, nor shall any person exercise the powers of more than one of them at the same time except that the Judges of the Inferior Courts [and] Justices of the Districts shall be eligible to the Legislative Council.

2d The Legislative Authority shall be composed of fifteen members [and] be called the Legislative Council of East Florida.

3d The Members of the Legislative Council shall be elected by the inhabitants of this Territory as pointed out by this Constitution [and] shall exist until the Territory shall be received by the United States and become subject to the laws thereof and other officers in manner [and] form of other Territories