Window of the Living Sea

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  • ca. 1970

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  • 21:25; color; sound; V-81 CA022; S. 828


  • In this film, the narrator discusses both the entertainment and educational components of Miami Seaquarium programs and suggests that animals in captivity are "safer" than in the wild. There are scenes of Hugo and Lolita (the killer whales), sea lions, sharks and dolphins. We hear from the manager about the conditions in which the dolphins are kept. The staff veterinarian describes the diet and medical care of the animals. He describes the animals' need for companionship and training methods. Hugo, the killer whale, and Marlana, a white sided dolphin, are put in the same tank to keep each other company..."now they are inseparable friends." The film also shows collection of reef specimens. Rare finds are identified with the help of the University of Miami. Habitat areas in the attraction are shown. Produced by Tel-Air Interests.

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