Video has not been digitized and is not available for online viewing.


  • 11-Oct-71

Video Details

  • 9:45; color; silent; V-160 WV-6


  • Two divers descend to the cave entrance. There is a view from inside the cave as divers swim in with lights. The divers measure a mastodon tusk and bone on the cave floor and swim out. The divers swim to a ledge near pipes, a view of the cliff face (eastern lip), fish and vegetation. Then, the film shows turtles (Suwannee Cooters) among submerged tree branches, fish along the bottom and a view of a motorboat from underwater. Viewers see a sunken tree on the north edge of the bowl, a school of small fish in vegetation, gar, flounder, bass near "bee tree" and eel.

Corporate Subject

Geographic Subject