To Reach For Tomorrow

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  • 1968

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  • 30:00; b&w; Sound; V-139 S. 828


  • This is a promotional film put together for Governor LeRoy Collins' 1968 U.S. Senate campaign. It begins with footage of the Vietnam War, and Governor Collins pleading to end it. From there it moves to the race wars going on in the United States, with footage of black slums in Miami, Florida. Collins speaks out against racism. There is testimony from supporters, such as Senator Spessard Holland, Governor Collins' mother and Ted Kennedy. There are shots of Senator John Kennedy and Governor Collins at the 1960 National Democratic Convention. The film shows a short segment on the 1964 Selma, Alabama demonstration, and Governor Collins' role as "peacekeeper." It shows family shots, with live footage of Governor Collins and his daughter, Darby, at Egmont Key.

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