Spans Across the Bay Celebration

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  • Jul-49

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  • 20:47; b&w; silent; V-66 CA061; S. 828


  • A man at a lunch counter reads the St. Petersburg Times and another getting a haircut also reads a paper. Then the film shows a yacht cruise, several boats and a helicopter. Lots of boats follow. They come to a marina where there is a bit of handshaking, then they get in cars for a motorcade. The motorcade passes a group of people waving from horseback. Gov. and Mrs. Warren greet people and viewers see crowds along the beach waiting to see them. The governor fires a small cannon to start a sailboat race. His wife gets corsages and some men put sand in her shoes. A baseball game and a cookout follow. The Warrens walk under an arch of majorettes' batons, eat at a long table and he signs autographs. There are some scenes at night in a stadium. At the end, Gov. Warren speaks to crowd, followed by a fireworks display.

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