Seminoles of The Everglades

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  • 1960s

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  • 20:00; sound; color; V-170 S. 828


  • In this film, Old Gold Cigarette Company pays tribute to the people (Native Americans) that gave tobacco to this land. There are Everglade and wildlife scenes throughout the film. A Seminole is also shown in his dugout canoe spear fishing and poling through the swamp. There are scenes of a village with women working and children playing. The narrator discusses the importance of tobacco in the American Indian culture and two Native Americans share an Old Gold cigarette. There are Miami scenes, and the narrator talks about how confined and trapped American Indians feel in the city. "The development of the Everglades into agricultural land is gold for the white man, and the symbol of the end of the Indian." There are quick overviews of tourist sites, the US Indian Affairs Office and Brighton Reservation in Dania.

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