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  • 1950s

Video Details

  • 5:20; color; sound; V-43 AA032; S. 828


  • This film was shot by Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Dutton off Stuart, Florida. It shows manta rays and a dolphin jumping over the fishing line. Mrs. Dutton struggles with a magnificent specimen on the line, but a shark apparently bit it off, leaving only the head, which Mr. Dutton displays. A pelican takes a cast and is released. A man-o-war bird steals a gull's meal. Next are shots of the fishing boats in great swells as a storm blows up, but they keep on fishing and the narrator waxes poetic about sport fishing. The film ends with a beautiful sunset. Some sections are missing. Produced by Bay State Film Productions; sponsored by Ashaway Line and Twine Co.

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