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  • May-66

Video Details

  • 33:58; b&w; sound; V-32 and 33 EA005; S. 828


  • In this film, Newell C. Taylor denies charges (apparently made by Gov. Burns) of being "a gambler, a gangster, or whatever... and enriching High's campaign to the tune of $100,000." He states that he will start legal action against Gov. Burns. This is followed by another press conference (some reticulation from bad processing) where the same man offers to resign from the board of Variety Children's Hospital. The president of the hospital states that the hospital is impartial in the campaign. Next are scenes from the Dade County Bar Association lunch. A speaker turns down an offer for Gov. Burns' representative to speak. Then, High gives a speech. Some of this portion is overexposed. Next are cover shots of the breakfast, including the cameraman for the above-referenced footage. The action then moves to the campaign headquarters, where Sen. Kelly and High speak to the crowd. Both are seen in a motorcade, followed by more hand shaking and speeches. Produced by WTVJ-Miami.

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