Kissimmee: Cow Capital of Florida

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  • 1950s

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  • 36:06; color; sound; V-103 EA011; S. 828


  • This film starts with shots of the Kissimmee Police force, which is only composed of five officers. Then, there are bumpy aerials of the town, including railroad cars and "downtown." The airplane used for the aerials is seen landing. Viewers see the Tropical Hotel, which seems to be full of cowboys. The film shows the "World's Most Unique Monument," which is a structure built of concrete and colorful stones. Viewers see scenes of shuffleboard and footage of M.P. Mickler & Sons, manufacturers of fruit boxes. The film shows their yard, milling and assembly. Viewers then see the Kiwanis "Whipping Post," where some men pretend to be whipped. Following that are exteriors of a store advertising rodeo tickets and a scene of children wearing cowboy hats. The children are seen singing along with two women playing accordion and bass fiddle in the library. Then, there is an outdoor sing-along for adults. Next is "Lions in Action," where Lions Club members dressed as cowboys put men in a pillory. The Cattlemen's Store is seen next, where they sell "western" clothing, including gaudy ties. The film then shows "Snake Village and Alligator Farm." Viewers see exteriors with a boardwalk across a large, rectangular pond full of gators. The same pond is seen in aerials at the beginning of the film. A few Seminoles are seen. Then, Silver Spurs goes through town. Next is the Silver Spurs Rodeo, with riding, roping, bull-dogging and a clown act. Then, the film shows Henry O. Partin & Sons Heart Bar Ranch, where viewers see prize Brahma bulls. There are scenes of Veterans Farm Training Program displays in a tent at the end. There is no narration, just circus-style music throughout. The same song plays over and over again. Produced by National Film Productions.

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