Garden of Eden

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  • 1972

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  • 11:55; color; sound; V-189 BA262; S.1239


  • WFSU-TV reporter Diane Hoffman interviews E.E. Calaway, author of "In the Beginning," who claims that Florida's Torreya State Park is the biblical Garden of Eden. Mr. Callaway recites passages from the Bible that describe the mystical garden and compares them to features along the Apalachicola River. He attests that two features of the landscape prove his claim. The first is that the Apalachicola River is the only river in the world with four heads. The second is the presence of the gopherwood tree, which Noah used to build the ark. According to Callaway, the Bible claims that both elements were unique to the legendary garden and they are unique to Torreya State Park. Produced by WFSU-TV.

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