Flight Into Oblivion: Story of the Everglades Kite

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  • 1970s

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  • 14:30; color; sound; V-4 CA032; S. 828


  • This film describes the Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District and its purpose. It tells how uncontrolled burns destroyed nesting areas and food sources of kites. There are shots of kites in flight and mating, as well as shots of their eggs. Viewers also see anhinga, a great blue heron and their nests. The film shows the feeding and first flights of some kite hatchlings. It tells how flood control helps maintain the food supply of the kite and helps ensure its survival. The film also shows the alligator, sandhill crane, wood ibis, great white heron, osprey, roseate spoonbill and bald eagle. It covers the environment of the Everglades and endangered species. Produced by Goodway Films; sponsored by Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District.

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