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  • 1-Jan-58

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  • 27:58; b&w; sound; V-204 EA025; M89-17


  • This is kinescope footage of Sen. George Smathers appearing on the "First Federal VIP" television show, hosted by former Florida Sen. Harry King. Sen. King opens the show with a brief biography of Sen. Smathers, calling him, "an exciting, stimulating and worthwhile American." Next, there is an advertisement from the show's sponsor, the First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Miami, by Ed Gegenschatz. Sen. Smathers answers questions on a range of subjects. He denies a rumor that he and Gov. LeRoy Collins have made arrangements to run for each other's elected positions in the coming election. He comments on the legislative schedule for the 85th Congressional Session and states that maintaining the peace will be their ultimate goal. He also discusses national defense, the federal budget and taxation. Produced by WCTV of Miami with sponsorship from The First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Miami.

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