Coral Gables: The Global City of the Future

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  • 1970s

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  • 15:06; color; sound; V-14 CA063; S. 828


  • This film starts with a man navigating his yacht through a typical Coral Gables neighborhood with large houses on canals, swimming pools and docked boats behind each. He gets home, greets the kids, has a quick shower, gives the wife a peck on the lips, and then he is on a jet to Paris. The host/narrator then pitches his neighborhood from the streets of Paris. He continues the narration from London, Latin America and New York City, and then returns home. Then, various CEOs tell why they and their companies moved to Coral Gables. Throughout, the film shows scenes of "the good life," education, industry, culture and entertainment. Produced by Associated Filmmakers International.

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