Compass Points South

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  • ca. 1960s

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  • 28:07; b&w; sound; V-195 DA073; M89-17


  • In this film, Wayne Ferris talks to Senator George Smathers about his trip to Latin America. Most of the program deals with the communist threat to the Latin American region. The show is comprised primarily of footage shot during Smathers' trip to various locations in the Caribbean and South America. Scenes include: riots in Panama over control of the Canal Zone, and footage of Fidel Castro shaking his fist and meeting with Russian leader, Anastas Mikoyan. Later, there is footage of an interview by Miami reporter, Dick Lobo, with Generalissimo, Raphael Trujillo, of the Dominican Republic. The segment on Venezuela includes 1958 footage of Vice President Richard Nixon's motorcade being stoned by angry protesters. There are a few brief scenes of Smathers meeting with Venezuelan President Bettencourt. There are brief shots of Haiti and Puerto Rico, including Smathers' meeting with the Haitian President. Senator Smathers comments that student exchange programs may improve relations with Latin America. Mr. Ferris closes the program with recommendations, such as: price stabilization measures; mineral quotas; market subsidies; and improved foreign aid. Produced by WCKT of Miami.

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