Dragons of Paradise-Part II

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  • December 5, 1977

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  • 30:15; color; sound; V-216 EA040; S.1239


  • This film is part two of a two-part program on Florida's most recognized reptile. Part two deals with the results of human encroachment into the alligator's habitat. Concern for alligator population led to the addition of the alligator to the endangered species list. However, complaints of nuisance alligators and population growth caused them to be removed from the list after only few years of federal protection. John and Roland Denise, former poachers turned state-sanctioned "gator hunters," are shown on a hunting trip. Roland proudly displays a large axe he calls a "convincer" because it helps convince alligators to get into his boat. Ecologist Roy MacDiarmid of the University of South Florida and Dr. Archie Carr of the University of Florida scorn the Florida Game Commission's decision to allow the sale of alligator hides gathered by hunters. Produced by WFSU-TV

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