Dunnellon Baptist Church

  • Demonination: Southern Baptist Convention
  • Pastor: Koy Peterson
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Marion
  • City: Dunnellon
  • Established: 1899

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Dunnellon Baptist Church

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DUNNELLON BAPTIST CHURCH, 1899--. Walnut and Cedar Streets, Dunnellon, Marion County.

Constituted 1899. Services in Presbyterian Church, Chestnut Street until present white, rectangular, meeting-hall type, frame building, with bell, erected 1909, dedicated April 25, same year; additions 1930. Present membership, 170. Active organizations, Sunday School, Baptist Training union, Woman’s Missionary Union with 2 auxiliaries, Brotherhood. First settled pastor, Rev. J.M. Devaneau, 1899-1900. Present pastor, Rev. Roy Peterson, 1935--, 214 Walnut Street, Dunnellon; Baptist Bible Institute, New Orleans, La. See “History Dunnellon Baptist Church” by Rev. J.R. Rawles, March 6, 1932, covering 1899-1932, in PERFECT CHURCH RECORD BOOK.

PERFECT CHURCH RECORD BOOK, 1899--, 4 vols. Showing minutes of business meetings, reports, membership roll, baptisms, deaths; receipts and disbursements. Custody of clerk, Cooper Marshall, 219 Walnut St., Dunnellon.

(TREASURER’S RECORD), 1936--, 3 vols. Showing receipts and disbursements, contributions to building fund. Custody of Mrs. J.C. Waters, Dunnellon.

CONVENTION SUNDAY SCHOOL RECORD, 1911-12, 2 vols.; 1921, 1 vol.; 1924-28, 4 vols.; 1934, 1 vol.; 1938, 2 vols. Showing pupils, officers, teachers, attendance, collections and disbursements.