Casa Bianca Church

  • Demonination: National Baptist Convention of the United States of America Inc.
  • Pastor: N.A. Whitten
  • Race/Ethnicity: African-American
  • County: Jefferson
  • City: Monticello
  • Established: 1872

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Casa Bianca Church

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[added note] (Negro – National Baptist Convention of USA, Inc.) [added note]

CASABIANCA CHURCH, 1872--. 3 miles southwest of Monticello, Jefferson County.

Constituted 1872, sponsored by Fellowship Baptist Church (see entry ). Services in a log building, then a frame structure until razed and present, white, rectangular, wooden building, with steeple, erected and dedicated 1903.

First settled pastor, Rev. D.S. Straws, 1872-1875. Education unknown. Present pastor, Rev. N.A. Whitten, 1936--, Route #2, Box #42, Lloyd.

(CHURCH MINUTES), 1903--, 10 vols. Showing minutes of business meetings, membership roll, baptisms, deaths; financial records.

(SUNDAY SCHOOL RECORDS), 1936--, 1 vol. Showing pupils, teachers, officers, attendance, minutes of business meetings; financial records.

(BAPTIST YOUNG PEOPLE’S UNION RECORDS), 1936--, 1 vol. Showing minutes of business meetings, members, attendance; financial records. Custody of secretary, Mammie Porter, Monticello.

(HOME MISSION RECORDS), 1936--, 1 vol. Showing minutes of business meetings, members; financial records.