Friendship Baptist Church

  • Demonination: Baptist
  • Pastor: M. Landy
  • Race/Ethnicity: African-American
  • County: Highlands
  • City: DeSoto
  • Date: 1930

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Friendship Baptist Church

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On many of the scans, text appears to bleed through from the reverse page as survey workers often used recycled paper printed on one side with unrelated material. Users should be aware that the bleed-through is not a missing page.


FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH. (National Baptist Convention of America, colored). DeSoto City, Fla., Highlands County.

(Clerk’s Record), 1930; 1933--, 1 vol. Records of the congregation, showing minutes of conferences, dates, business and proceedings, reports of pastor, deacons, trustees, all auxiliaries, election of officers and delegates, call and tenure of pastors, roll of officers and period of service, a register of member, when and how received, restorations, expulsions, lapses, transfers, financial records, showing all receipts and disbursements, financial reports. Condition fair. Custody, John Landy, Clerk, General Delivery, P.O., DeSoto City.

"Boyd’s National Baptist Sunday School Roll, Record and Minute Book", June 1928-Feb. 1932, 1 vol.

(Clerk’s Record), 1930; 1933--, 1 vol., maintained along was used by John Landy, the clerk who was also Sunday School Secretary for Sunday School Records from 1935--. Showing organizations, membership, attendance, exercises, offerings, activities, board-meetings, elections, delegates, reports. Condition fair. Earlier volume is in the church, the later "Clerk Record" is in custody of John Landy, Secretary, see supra.