The Mission and Church of the Good Shepherd

  • Demonination: Episcopal
  • Pastor: M.E. Spatches
  • Race/Ethnicity: African-American
  • County: Duval
  • City: Lone Star
  • Established: 1883

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The Mission and Church of the Good Shepherd

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The Mission and Church of The Good Shepherd, LONE STAR, Duval County, Fla.
By Lee Eugene Bigelow.

The Church and Home, Diocesan publication of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Florida in April 1883 contained the statement that another new church was to be built near Fulton in this county. Mr. R. Fulton Cutting, a New York capitalist and philanthropist, had just founded the farm-colony, bearing his name, "Fulton" on the lower St. Johns River, and had built there the Church of Our Saviour. This was a colored mission when first established and so continued for a number of years, but was changed to a white mission in later years. Finding a colored settlement or neighborhood about six miles from Fulton called Lone Star, Mr. Cutting generously decided to build a separate church and so establish a mission nearer to where most of the colored people lived. In November of 1883, the same publication announced that the new building was approaching completion. At the next Diocesan Convention, Spring of 1884, it was announced that a new church, six miles from Fulton, had been built and furnished through the liberality of Mr. Cutting, who had also built and equipped the church at Fulton. This information as contained in Bishop John Freeman Young’s address to the Convention. Just exactly when the name "Good Shepherd" was given it I do not know; at first it was merely called "Lone Star" in the records and reports, but it was not very long thereafter before it received the title, "Good Shepherd". I find in the Journal of the 42nd convention, held at Pensacola, May 1885, a combined report of Fulton, Lone Star and Providence Missions. In this the

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