Avondale Baptist Church

  • Demonination: Baptist
  • Pastor: J.R. Black
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Duval
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Date: 1922

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Avondale Baptist Church

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AVONDALE BAPTIST CHURCH, Sept. 10, 1922--. Herschell St. and Edgewood Ave., Jacksonville, Duval County.

Constituted Sept. 10, 1922, in home of J.R. Aldridge, Belvedere Ave., incorporated 1923. Fist services in private homes, then in tent on present site until present L shape, White, frame building erected 1923; additions, 1928, 32. Present membership, 568. Active organizations, Sunday School, Baptist Training Union, Woman’s Missionary Union with 4 auxiliaries. First settled pastor, Rev. W.R. Lambert, 1922-27; Southern Theological Seminary, Houston, Texas. Present pastor, Rev. J.R. Black, 1939--. See "Historical Sketches", 1922-25, by different church clerks in Church Minute Book," 1922-25. Also "Historical Sketch", by Mrs. Waldo Willis, 1934; mimeographed in safety deposit box, Atlantic National Bank.

(CHURCH RECORD), 1922--, 25, 1927--, 2 vols. Showing minutes of business meetings, membership roll, baptisms, deaths; historical sketches. Custody of clerk, J.J. Harrell, 1476 Belvedere Ave., Jacksonville.

(FINANCIAL RECORDS), 1930--, 1 vol. Showing receipts and disbursements. Custody of treasurer, W.D. Pangle, 114 W. Bay St., Jacksonville.

(SUNDAY SCHOOL RECORDS), 1922-25, 1927, 2 vols. Showing pupils, attendance, collections. Custody of clerk, J.J. Harrell, see supra.

(BAPTIST TRADING UNION RECORDS), 1937--, 265 cards. Showing minutes of business meetings, attendance. Custody of Director, Hobart Brown, 3843 Hollingsworth St., Jacksonville.

(WOMAN’S MISSIONARY RECORDS UNION), 1925--, 3 vols. Showing minutes of meetings, reports, attendance. Custody of Mrs. H.A. Cagle, 1425 Green Bay Lane, South Jacksonville.