FYI-The Plight of Pepito: Cuba's Lost Generation

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  • ca. 1961

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  • ca. 1961/27:50; B&W; sound; V-68 DA004; S. 828


  • This film is a WTVJ (Miami) TV program called "For Your Information." It begins with a young Cuban refugee, Pepito, and follows his story. There are sequences of refugees on rafts and small boats arriving on the Havana-Palm Beach ferry, small airplanes and passenger airlines. Viewers see the processing of refugees at Public Health Service, where families are reunited.

    There are scenes of the Cuban Refugee Center and Miami, including clothes distribution, looking for a home, and Pepito's father pawning his watch. Pepito enrolls in parochial school. Then, there are scenes of fellow refugees in Miami's Cuban colony and their homes.

    Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Abraham Ribicoff, arrives in Miami to survey the refugee problem. Monolo Reyes, WTVJ Latin Correspondent, gives views on the situation. Governor Farris Bryant gives remarks at a press conference and Pepito recites the Pledge of Allegiance. The film has interesting transition graphics. It is kinescope.

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