Performances at the 1974 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage) (Reel 3)

Date: August 30, 1974

Source: S1576 , T77-241

Type: Sound

Download: MP3

Download: MP3

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  • Beautiful Dreamer (Unidentified performer)
  • Oh Sinner Man (Unidentified performer)
  • If You Only Got a Moustache (Unidentified performer)
  • Follow Me (Chris and Margie Hall)
  • Frankie and Johnny
  • Sing a Song (Haverly Family)
  • What a Time (Abundant Life Singers)
  • Blessed Jesus
  • One Day
  • First Balladeer (Martha Clifford)
  • Fenario
  • Turkey in the Straw (Zeke & Rosa Stephens)
  • Chicken Reel
  • Old Hen Cackle
  • Redwing
  • Miners Child (Michael Moore & Denise Sharpe)
  • Angels from Montgomery
  • Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  • Bird and Animal Calls (Tommy Dobbs)
  • Grandfather Clock (Laura Bear & David Fisher)
  • Must I Go and You Staye Here
  • Thank You Jesus (Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Choir)
  • All Night and All Day
  • Search Me Lord
  • When I Was a Bachelor (Tome & Esther Beadnell)
  • The Lonesome Dove
  • Springfield Mountain (incomplete)
  • Chimney Sweeper (Barbara Muller)
  • Sweet Potato Cake Lady
  • Blackberry Lady
  • Broom Man
  • Ragman
  • Toouthbrushes
  • Charcoal Seller
  • Watermelon Man
  • 219 Blues
  • Ragtime Millionaire (Unidentified performer)
  • Under the Double Eagle (Unidentified performer)
  • Unidentified song (Unidentified performer)
  • Wherefore and the Why (Terry Vick & CIndy Edwards)
  • For Free
  • John Henry Bosworth
  • Wild Hog (Dan Tillinghast)
  • Golden Vanity
  • Washerwoman (Betsy Wiggins)
  • All My Trials
  • Long Gone Long John
  • Salty Dog (Lee & Peggy Kelly)
  • John Henry
  • Roll on Columbia (Mary Ann Dinella & Tony Myers)
  • Paradise
  • Mickinleys Gone (Palace Hotel Traveling Band)
  • Hungry Hash House Blues
  • Gold Watch & Chain
  • Bonnie George Campbell
  • Steamboat Quickstep

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  • One reel to reel recording.

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