Sunday afternoon performances at the 1969 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage) (Reel 2)

Date: May 4, 1969

Source: S1576 , T77-212

Type: Sound

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Title of Work

  • Farewell to Thee (Dunscombe)
  • Who Will Sing For Me When I Am Gone (Bluegrass Rebels & Cross Family)
  • I Hear a Voice Calling
  • He Will Set Your Fields on Fire
  • Tell Me What Kind of Man My Jesus Is (Combs & Cowles)
  • Long Ways to Go
  • Soldiers Joy (George & Marilyn Heaps-Nelson)
  • Cronkie
  • Mamas Teaching Angels How to Sing (Smith Family)
  • A Story to Tell
  • You Got To Live Like Jesus
  • Take a Little Time (Jaye & Wallace Eckles)
  • Jesus Christ
  • Off and On Love Affair (St. Johns River Singers)
  • I Walked With an Angel
  • Number Nine
  • Where Will I Go Lord (Wiggins)
  • Take the Time
  • Jana Gana Mana (Beers)
  • An Island in the Sun
  • Dumbartons Drums
  • Seven Joys of Mary (Dixon)
  • Jesus, Rest Your Head
  • The Tree (Malkine)
  • The Knight
  • He is So Precious to Me (Fernandina Beach First Baptist Church Womans Trio)
  • He Died of a Broken Heart
  • Amazing Grace (Sentimentals)
  • For God So Loved

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  • One reel to reel recording. Boltin served as emcee. These were the last performances of the 1969 festival.

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