Storytellers at the 1997 Florida Folk Festival (Storytelling Tent) (Sunday)

Date: May 25, 1997

Source: S1576 , Container 69 , C97-126, C97-127, C97-128, C97-129, C97-130, C97-131, C97-132, C97-133, C97-134, C97-135, C97-136, C97-137, C97-138, C97-139, C97-140

Type: Sound

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Genre or Occupation

Title of Work

  • Rocking Chair Story (Carpenter) (C97-126)
  • God Throws His Shoe
  • Creature in the Garden
  • Neighbor Lady
  • Terry and the Sewing Machine
  • I am Just an Old Sew and Sew
  • Bean Song (Cont. on C97-127)
  • The Preachers Wife Blues
  • Mockingbird Story (Newsom)
  • Why Bumble Bees Cant Do Anything Except Buzz
  • Old Man (Mutima)
  • Creative People and the Clock
  • Man With White Cloths
  • Erin--Meanest Person on Earth (Cont. on C97-128)
  • Storytelling Workshop (Cont, on C97-129)
  • Chicken Feast (Johnson) (C907-130)
  • Wise Men of Chelm
  • Stone of Solby
  • Story of Grayling
  • How Women Control Men
  • Why Dogs Chase Cats
  • Finn McCue
  • Fiddle story (Taylor) (C97-131)
  • Why Dogs Sniff Each Others Tails
  • Fiddler in Lethahelo
  • Chicken in the Library
  • Magic Fiddle
  • Pigeons in New York City (C97-132)
  • Story of Will McLean and Gamble Rogers (Patterson)
  • Medicine Man of Oklawaha County
  • William Ellis and the Snake (C97-133)
  • Leanda, WIfe of William Ellis
  • And That Was Love (McConnell) (C97-134)
  • Finnish Love
  • Hanky Panky
  • Story of the Preacher (Hendricks) (C97-135)
  • Plow, Mule and the Mule Egg
  • Bingo the Dog
  • Henry and the Baby
  • Chicken House
  • Hotshot and the Bath
  • Fluffy the Rabbit
  • One-minute Flight
  • Circle Around the X
  • New Month
  • Keep the Mule
  • Drunk and the Ugly Baby
  • Hunting Dog (Moye) (C97-136)
  • Jack and the Bear
  • Three-legged Pig (Rivers)
  • Bubba and the Tractor
  • Billy Paul (Moye)
  • Walter and the Trip to Daytona
  • Story of Count Filipe (VGO & Musgrove) (C97-137)
  • Story of the Merchant With Nothing to Sell (Taylor) (C(7-138)
  • Why Dogs Sniff Others Dogs Tails
  • Hard Shell Possums (Hendricks)
  • Barracuda
  • Bone Mizell
  • Help Me, I am Old
  • Bed-bug and the Room Number
  • Wiley and the Hairy Man (Taylor)
  • Epaminondas (Newsom) (C97-139)
  • Old Black Bear (Joe)
  • Natural World
  • I Saw Eagles Cry
  • Tall Hunting Tales (C97-140)
  • Cow Salve
  • Hatchee the Hen
  • Squirrel and Sody Saleratus

Place Name

Corporate or Conference Name


  • 15 audio cassette recordings. Storytellers spoke between 10:00am and 5pm at the Storytelling Tent. (The Storytelling Auditorium area, which featured some of the same storytellers, was not recorded.) Newsom, Moye, and Henricks served as the emcees. Several of the storytellers also sang songs.

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