Sunday program at the 1996 Florida Folk Festival (Folklife Area Performance Stage) (Tape 2)

Date: May 26, 1996

Source: S1576 , Container 65 , C96-120

Type: Sound

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  • One audio cassette tape. McKenzie served as emcee. Betty Mae Jumper (Hollywood, FL), Seminole storyteller tells the following stories: "Lying Rabbit"; "Bad Angel Story". She also discusses the two different languages of the Seminole tribe: Miccosukee and Creek. She sings: "Jesus Loves Me" in Creek and "Come and Follow Me Up into the Beautiful Mansion…" in Miccosukee. Ed Keeney (New Port Richie, FL), an Irish weaver and fiddler, discusses Irish fiddle music (jigs and reels) and how he began to play music as a child in Ireland and his life afterward in the US. He plays: "Miss McLeod's Reel"; "O'Carolan's Concerto"; a tune plaed in ceili style; Sean McGuire's tune (no name given by Keeney). Lucille Frances Fuller discusses her childhood in Jamaica and differences between children then and today. She also discusses living in Miami. She tells a story about Brother Anansi and Brother Dryhead which demonstrates the importance of community, cooperation, and "niceness".

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