Friday performances at the 1995 Florida Folk Festival (Sesquicentennial Area Stage ) (Tape 2)

Date: May 26, 1995

Source: S1576 , Container 44 , D95-38

Type: Sound

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Event Name

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Tradition Bearer

Genre or Occupation

Title of Work

  • God is Good to Me (Versiteers)
  • Have a Little Talk With Jesus
  • John the Revelator
  • Down By the Riverside
  • Theres No Doubt in My Mind
  • Traditional Japanese Dance (Law & Wako Kai)
  • Scottish Dance demo (Sarasota Scottish Dancers)
  • Clogging (Hataway)
  • Nicaraguan dance (Toro Huaco)
  • Boil Them Cabbage Down (Tru-Blue Grass)
  • Fox on the Run
  • Blackberry Blossom
  • Old Folks at Home
  • Salt Creek
  • Now Shes Gone
  • Greensleeves

Ethnicity or Nationality

Place Name

Corporate or Conference Name


  • One digital audio tape(DAT). The Versiteers, a Jacksonville-based a capella gospel group, consisted of L.V. Starling, Linda Carter, and Myrtle Butler. Law and Wako Kai of Pensacola danced to pre-recorded music. Jose Silva of Pembroke Pines led the Nicaraguan dance group Toco Huaco. Tru-Blu Grass consisted of Bill Hendry (fiddle), Jane Roynl (bass), Eddie Knight (guitar), Jack Piccalo (banjo) and Ken Carey (mandolin).

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