Sunday performances at the 1995 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage) (Tape 2)






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  • Bentons Dream (Mr. Ethnics Wednesday Night)
  • Brightest and Best (Hutcheson)
  • A Lesson You Will Learn
  • Andrew
  • So Where Are You Going My Little Friend
  • Dance demo (Kineret Dancers)
  • My Real True Home (Patchwork)
  • Thank you Lord for Everything You Have Given Me
  • He May Be your Man But He Comes to See Me Sometime
  • And the Waves Roll In
  • Down the Road
  • New Grape Man (Crawford Family)
  • Peggio
  • Unidentified song
  • I Wish I Was on the Suwannee River
  • Bareforo Weather (Dowling)
  • First Mosquito of Spring
  • The Black and Blue Blues
  • California Section
  • Gotta Keep them Tail Feathers Up
  • Poor Orphan Child (Picalota Strings)
  • You Have Been That Fiend To Me
  • While the Band is Playing Dixie
  • Sonny, Dont Go Away
  • Let Us Alone (Livingston)
  • ? at the Five and Dime
  • Where the Grass Does Not Grow
  • Live in Little Havana
  • Pack Light

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  • One digital audio tape (DAT). (Also copied onto C95-163 & C95-164.)

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