Friday performances at the 1994 Florida Folk Festival (Old Marble Stage) (Tape 3)

Date: May 27, 1994

Source: S1576 , Container 43 , D94-23

Type: Sound

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  • Thank God I Live in Florida (Simple Gifts)
  • Mam Blues
  • Hill Country Love Song
  • Soliders Day
  • Mississippi Sawyer
  • Golden Slippers
  • Over the Waterfall
  • Shenandoah
  • When you And I Were Young Maggie
  • Gator Waltz
  • Waltz Across Texas
  • Thelma Boltin stories (Hoovler)
  • Festival history
  • Come By Here/Kumbaya (Calloway)
  • Bow Down Before Me
  • Its Going to Rain
  • I Dont Want Nobody Always Standing Over Me
  • My Mother Was On That Train
  • He Brought Joy Unto My Soul
  • Sweet Sunny South (Crider)
  • Last Live Photo
  • Red Wolf Howls at the Tallahassee Moon
  • Dont Feed the Gator
  • Mangrove Buccaneer
  • Everglades Nature is Wild and Free
  • Appalachee Doing Time
  • Mosquito Lullaby

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  • One digital audio tape (DAT). Hoovler served as emcee. Simple Gifts, of Tampa, featured Cheryl (autoharp) and Ray Belanger (guitar). Hoovler fills in for the Jesus Rodriguez, and the Calloway Sisters fill in for Travis Creek. Singer-guitarist Crider, performing with Ray Valla (guitar) and Barbara Johnson (bass) sings bluegrass and eco-folk songs. He describes his first festival in 1963.

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