Saturday performances at the 1994 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage) (Tape 6)

Date: May 28, 1994

Source: S1576 , Container 43 , D94-12

Type: Sound

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  • We Are Gonna Have a Good Time Tonight (Baldwin/Martin/Borland)
  • Jack Limber Legs
  • The Old Coon Dog
  • Walking Blues
  • Like Sugar in the Gourd
  • All Gods Children Got a Place (Dinella & Geiger)
  • The Dutchman
  • Hill Country Love Song
  • I Will Fight No More Forever
  • The Heart of the Apaloosa
  • Rolling Home to Caladonya
  • Back to Me My Wandering Boy (Big Bend Ramblers)
  • Cherokee Shuffle
  • Nine Pound Hammer
  • Coat of Many Colors
  • Soldiers Joy
  • Roll In My Sweet Babys Arms
  • Breakdown
  • The Feet Got the Beat (Cross Creek Cloggers/Wacahooters)
  • Dominos
  • Wild Horses
  • Crooked Annie
  • Potluck
  • Green Grass
  • Haitian Migration story (Louis)

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  • One digital audio tape (DAT). (Copied onto C94-87/88) Fitchen served as emcee. Baldwin (fiddle) played with Martin (autoharp) and Borland (guitar). Geiger and Dinella both played guitar. The Big Bend Ramblers consisted of Mary Cox (bass), Cindy Brophy (fiddle), Rick Leslie (banjo), Roy West (guitar), and Gordon Scott (mandolin). Louis was a Haitian storyteller from Miami. The Wacahooters consisted of Steve Hodges (bass), Lyda ? (banjo), Bill Paine (guitar), and Tammy Murray (fiddle). From Gainesville, the cloggers were Mary Alive Tarpen, Cindy Weygant, Peter Martin, Lisa Wysecki, Doug Levy, Rich Crew, and Will Ellis.

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