Storytellers at the 1994 Florida Folk Festival (Storytelling Auditorium) (Sunday)

Date: May 29, 1994

Source: S1576 , Container 32 , C94-40, C94-41, C94-42, C94-43, C94-44, C94-45, C94-46, C94-47, C94-48

Type: Sound

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Tradition Bearer

Genre or Occupation

Title of Work

  • The Old Man, The Old Lady, The Little Girl, The Little Boy, And Their Pet Squirrel (Newsom) (C94-40)
  • Cousin Jack Hunting story
  • Palm Tree (Mutima)
  • Healing Hands
  • Lost Socks (C94-41)
  • Jack and the Gowerow (Harshbarger)
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Field Rock (New Folk Union) (C94-42)
  • Old Blue the Wonder Mule
  • Ravens Feather
  • Adam and Eve Story (Koontz)
  • How Butterflies Got Their Name
  • Stolen Necklace
  • Under the Cherry Blossom Tree
  • Dancign Skeleton (C94-43)
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker
  • How the Sundance Came To Be
  • There Was a Little Girl (Imagine That: Newsmith/Leipold)
  • Bucks Luck
  • Incredible Shrinking Shirt
  • True Story
  • Sisters (C94-44)
  • Uncle Hired Hand (Brooks)
  • Little Rooster and the Diamond Button (Volk)
  • Russian Tale (Jeffers)
  • Personal stories (Taluga) (cont. on C94-45)
  • Granny Fanny and the Ghoulie (Case)
  • John Bailey
  • Her Father and Ray Charles
  • Church story (Chaille) (C94-46)
  • How the Rabbits Tail Got Short
  • Young Married Couple at Lake Okeechobee
  • Grandpa and the Fish
  • Hoop Skirt story (Bruce)
  • Confederate Soldier story (Cont. on C94-47)
  • Hogbone Story
  • Aunt Matilda, Ed Grady & Uncle Preston Story
  • Cleanign turkeys (Smith)
  • Ma Sanders Pudding
  • Jack Story (Cont. on C94-48)
  • How Spanish Moss Came To Be
  • Ghost tale: Grey Man on Pawley Island Story

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  • Six audio cassette recordings. Storytellers spoke between 10:00am and 2pm at the Storytelling Auditorium. The coordinator was Peggy Smith. (The Storytelling Tent area, coordinated by Nancy Case, and featuring some of the same storytellers, was not recorded.) Cappa, (of Williamsport, PA), Roy (of Fort Myers), and Rivers (of Ybor City) were audience members participating in the Cousin Thelma Story Swap. Harshbarger, Taluga, and Koontz were from Tallahassee. Harshbarger used finger puppets during her presentation. Smith was from Jacksonville. Nesmith lived in Nocatee, who with Leipold of Acadia, performed as Imagine That. Mutima, of Gainesville, played the bongo and kora (a stringed instrument) during his tales. Case was also from Gainesville. Newsom was from Lake City. Chaille lived in Palm Bay. Bruce was from Eustis. Brooks (of LaGrange, GA and Author of the book, Just Folks), Volt (of Jupiter), and Jeffers (of Melbourne Village) spoke during the Cousin Thelma Story Swap. The New Folk Union consisted of storyteller Gibson (of Clearwater) on guitar, and Glenn & Ally Smith (of Myriad) on fiddle and mandolin, along with Jaime Woolfe (banjo), Steve Wolfe (bass), and Michael Godwin (banjo).

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