Storytellers at the 1994 Florida Folk Festival (Storytelling Auditorium) (Friday)

Date: May 27, 1994

Source: S1576 , Container 32 , C94-27, C94-28, C94-29, C94-30, C94-31, C94-32, C94-33

Type: Sound

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Collector or Fieldworker

Tradition Bearer

Genre or Occupation

Title of Work

  • Jack and the Kings Girl (Hackworth)(C94-27)
  • Old Jack (Smith)
  • Jumbo the Tall Kid (Holloway)
  • Ghost Story (Chaille)
  • Graveyard Story (Smith)
  • Grandpa Saves a Fish (Chaille) (C94-28)
  • Brer Rabbit in the Brier Patch
  • Old Brer Rabbit Stole My Bread
  • Childrens Worship Story (Newsom)
  • Cow Salve
  • Hatchey Hen
  • Bumble Bees
  • Musey Wa (Mutima) (C94-29)
  • Man and a Hat
  • Palm story
  • Fry Drye (Smith) (C94-30)
  • Prince Who Married a Frog (Cappa)
  • Wonderful Shrinking Shirt (Nesmith/Leipold)
  • Jack
  • My Uncle Stretch (MIttlestadt) (C94-31)
  • Dry Fry and the Bike
  • Ice House
  • Mosquitos
  • Granny Fanny and the Ghoulie (Case)
  • John Bailey
  • Dads Stories From Madison County (C94-32)
  • On Storytelling (Bruce)
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • Old One Eye
  • Three Little Pigs (Roald Dahl version)
  • Christmas Groom
  • Gara Devil (Spitzer) (C94-33)
  • Giant
  • Bloody Mary
  • How the Rabbit Got Its Tail

Place Name

Corporate or Conference Name


  • Seven audio cassette recordings. Storytellers spoke between 10:00am and 2pm at the Storytelling Auditorium - although stories from 10am through 11:40am were not recorded. The coordinator was Peggy Smith. (The Storytelling Tent area, coordinated by Nancy Case, and featuring some of the same storytellers, was not recorded.) Cappa, (of Williamsport, PA) and Holloway, (of Valdosta, GA), were both audience members filling in for absent storytellers (Margie Baldwin and Kate Taluga). Nesmith lived in Nocatee, who with Leipold of Acadia, performed as Imagine That. Smith and Mittlestadt were from Jacksonville. Spitzer resided in Miami. Bruce was from Eustis. Mutima, of Gainesville, played the bongo and kora (a stringed instrument) during his tales. Case was also from Gainesville. Newsom was from Lake City. Chaille lived in Palm Bay.

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